Jack Lovecraft

Jack Melchizedek Lovecraft is an author of the occult.  A self proclaimed chaote, thelemite and psychonaut.  He is an initiate of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the A.’.A.’.  Lovecraft is an anarchist and a spiritual independent.

The dark side of the dark side...He has everything he should want in life. A good job. A nice home. A nice car. A beautiful wife and family. A retirement plan. An active social life. A prestigious reputation. Envious neighbors. A pet dog. Yet there remains an emptiness inside. In a search for meaning, he begins a journey from which he cannot return. Grasping at everything he can, experiments in ritual magick lead him into the realms of sex, drugs, organized crime, aliens and angels as his life spirals further and further up and down the paths of initiation and illumination while grappling with insanity, annihilation and transformation.

Cover by Jake Reuth.

This is an early work by Jack Lovecraft.  Separated into five chapters, the first titled 'Methods of Madness' is an introduction to chaos magic through the eyes of the author.  Chapter two 'Galabram Transmissions' is a record of some communications with praeterhuman intelligence.  The next two chapters 'Lesser Keys' & 'Sepher Cypher' are notes and keys from the early chaos paradigm of Jack Lovecraft.  The final chapter, 'Early Mystical Experiences', is just that, a record of Jack's early mystical experiences prior to lifting the wand.

Taken from the magical diaries of Jack Lovecraft, the Fifty Gates of Night, originally titled the Apocalypse Working, is a record of his magical working of opening the fifty Enochian aethyrs.  The rites final night coincided with the final day of the Mayan calendar.

The Illuminist, actually titles Apologia, is a brief social commentary.

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