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A Trail of Great Failures and Abnormal Success

A fragmented collection of madness and lunacy.  Painstaking precautions were taken to ensure this would not be a coherent or scholarly work.  It is a psychedelic work with mind altering intentions.   Mediation, trance, omens, cosmic signs, superstition and synchronicity are threaded together.  It is absurd and abominable.  It is a comet passing through the night.

It is the afterglow.  It is the afterbirth.

Interlace your fingers with mine.

Chasing the dark.

Dream machine gnosis.

Repetition ascension.

Nathan Neuharth's blog collectedfrom 2009-2010.

A short horror story based in the same universe as the Lords of Secret Things.

A Star Wars fan fiction novel by Nathan Neuharth that takes place in the Star Wars Expanded Universe prior to Disney's acquisition of the franchise.

Mysterian: the Secret Life of Saint Natas

Please watch this movie by my dearly departed friend, Leon Irvin.  We recorded this over a 24 hour period to showcase my first five books. -Nathan Neuharth

Poetry readings from the Wolves of Distress book release.  Video compilation by Asher.

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