A Brief History of Night Horse Publishing House

In 2009, inspired by the publication of Confessions of a Black Magician by the Original Falcon Press, launched an online magazine titled ‘kult of kaos’.  Dee Rapposelli was the editor of the magazine which contained interviews, articles, essays and poems of high weirdness, esoterica, outsider art and enlightened rebellion.  It included works by such figures as Douglas Rushkoff, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Dave McGowan, Duncan Tucker, director Richard Stanley, Adam Gorightly, Brad and Sherry Steiger, and Richard Metzger, among others.

The project was a success, for what it was, and Nathan decided to publish first his own and then other authors' works, shutting down kok and rebranding it as Night Horse Publishing House.  The name Night Horse is a reference to nightmare, as the first book published was a horror anthology titled ‘Night Horses’.

There was a sad moment when NHPH almost shut down and painfully stopped publishing all together, as Nathan was invested in his marriage and family.  One of his greatest regrets was closing down the catalog of available titles at the time.  Since then Night Horse slowly crept back to life, bigger and bolder than anything it had been before.

This time inspiration came from not only his own work but the collaborations that came about with an affiliation with a local bookshop called ‘Full Circle Book Co-op’.  Since that time we have been doing nothing but growing and encouraging the movement of outsider art across the universe.

Recently joined by author, editor and performance artist Mackenzie, there are no plans to stop.


Night Horse Publishing House is open for submissions.  Send all submissions to Nathan Neuharth at nathanjneuharth@gmail.com .

We are interested in all genres and subject matter.  We do have an affinity for poetry, horror, fantasy, memoirs, outsider art, esoterica and experimental works.

Follow these guidelines when submitting to be considered.  We take email submissions only.  The email subject line needs to be the title of your book and your last name (example: Confessions of a Black Magician-Jack Lovecraft).  In the body of your submission include a word count, a synopsis, and genre type.  Submit your manuscript as a word document.  Allow up to twelve weeks before receiving a response.

Thank you.


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