R. R. Love

R.R. Love is a Confessional Poet drawing from the world around them.

‘idk anymore’ is a collection of poetry written over a year’s time frame. Through love, passion and experiences written by someone who feels deeply. The world can feel overwhelming.’idk anymore’ is an experience. This collection talks about love, heartbreak, inner strength, regret, self acceptance, insecurities, and much more. ‘idk anymore’ is the third collection written in five years. Each collection is a little different than the last. All of them are emotional, and written in the Confessional style. 

When I started writing these poems I was not sure what I was going to do with them. I wanted to put out another book, but I did not have a theme or an idea of what I wanted to write about. The last year has had ups and downs filled with different emotions, and rejection. This last year has had its moments where people had me questioning my own mental health or if I was “Good” enough for anything. ‘idk anymore’ shows my own growth as a person and my own self acceptance. The rejection that I felt does not reflect on my worth or who I am as a person, but just another part of my experiences and growth.

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