The Writer’s Study

Mission Statement

To provide a safe space and community for writers by managing a support system and network for the advocacy of literary education and creative expression.  

Board Members

Nathan Neuharth

Sion Lidster

Megan Rush

The Writer’s Study

The Writer’s Study is a project born from a conversation between myself and Sion.  It was the day we had taken down the back patio.  Sad and exhausting work.  On the ride from Jason’s house back to the shop I told Sion I wish I had someone to help me when I began as a writer with things like editing, proofreading, publishing, typesetting, critiquing, marketing, cover art, interior art and the craft of writing itself.  I felt like he and I both have a lot of experience we could share with others.

Sion said, “Do it.”

And we did it.

I registered the Writer’s Study as a non-profit organization and developed a curriculum of meetings including writing exercises, shade & feedback, speakers and a social hour.  The idea was to create a community of writers that support and lift each other up. A fellowship of writers.  Included would be a network of creative people willing to help each other with proofreading, edit, cover art and everything else.

We are continuing to grow with a core group of two dozen rotating members.  Usually six to eight members show up at a typical meeting.  It’s working.  Writers are growing together.

At the time of this writing we are just finishing up our first annual anthology of members' works.  The theme this year is the loss of innocence.  Next year's theme is yet to be determined.

The group is very consistent, meeting every Tuesday from 6p-7pm.  Come down and join us.  Meet some good people and write a story!

The Writer's Study is a nonprofit group that meets at 6pm every Tuesday in the Full Circle Book Co-op.  It is like taking your brain to the gym.  We provide writing prompts and, if comfortable, share our works in the second half of the meetings.  

We are a fellowship of writers supporting each other and lifting each other up.  It has become a network for feedback, growth and publishing.

We began on October 13, 2022.

Send an inquiry if you are interested in joining our Discord.

The Writer's Study publishes an annual anthology of short stories, poems and experimental prose.  Please follow the submissions instructions on the contact page if you are interesting in contributing to Volume 2: Something Found.

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