D. Mackenzie Foster

D. Mackenzie Foster author, performer, and editor for Night Horse Publishing House. Their poetry has been described as "Chaucer meets Looney Tunes", in particular the poetic epics that they work to bring to the stage. They have also begun publishing and circulating "The Poet's Cookbook" in their local hometown. As an artist, their primary drive is to help "Foster" community growth. 

"Not the Bees & Other Such Things" is a whimsical poetic collection of alliterative reflections. 

A lyrical trip thru emotional highs and low's, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll perhaps even start to wonder why; are we eating such trash? Why everyone's acting so rash? Why can't we see, that we need to let each other be?

MacKenzie primarily writes in a style they've affectionately dubbed "Pentameter Lite", that allows their poems to flow with a real unique voice. Included in this first volume is the groundbreaking title piece "Not the Bees" a modern rhyming epic poem over 1000 lines long!

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