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Thrill Seeker is a story of searching meaning through sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

The Loss of Wisdom is a story of searching for meaning in heartache and death.

Very strong and effective tribute to the formation of a character’s narrative. You’re guaranteed to connect with the exploration of love, desire, and human innocence. Highly recommended. - Roman Charnolusky

A collection of three works by the author.

Kosmic Kowboy. Tragic Verses. Pome of a Psychonaut.

Poetry. Fragmented thoughts. Aphorisms. Thoughts. Wonderous chaos. Letters between friends. Slices of life. Dadaism. Esotericism. Selected journal entries.

An existential examination.

This book changed me. It is simple and yet profound. I devoured the pages as if they were my dinner. Nathan has a gift in making difficult concepts easy to understand and enjoyable to read. -K. C.

This book blew me away. It is a meandering journey through the mind of a person who is learning to speak...who tries always to do what is right...but struggles with the limitations of life. It is an exceptional book for the openness and honesty. I'd recommend it to anyone, male or female, of nearly any age. Thank you for writing this book! -M. E.

Fish out of water. The children can’t swim. Meaningless dreams. Devils in the west. Love undefined. We are old souls when we’re young. Just a man lost. Memory is a creature. Time is over there, across the piano keys. Welcome to the movie.

The is a story of a young Saint Natas living in Spokane, Washington.


50 poems.  50 drawings of wolves.

The wolves aren’t anxious, they’re just like thrifted jeans. - Levi McChildlabor, author of How to Sell Jeans

I have no words to describe how I felt when I read this. My stomach hurt, I questioned my beliefs, I broke up with my girlfriend, and gave my dog up for adoption. What you’ll experience here is a litany of pain. A reason to live. A reason to decide to quit. And a reason to confuse the two for the same thing. I want to read it again, but my handler won’t allow me. I’m going to read it anyway. - Lindy

Cover by Jake Reuth.

A collection of poems and sketches written and experienced during the author's dark night of the soul, siege perilous or crossing the abyss.

Cover by Nathan Neuharth.

A collections of poems written during a time of personal crisis.

NOTHING is the partial paradigm of a psychonaut sharing thoughts. Part poetry, part philosophy. Things to
think about. Words of a dadaist maestro. It is another statement in the philosophy of the author. If you enjoy philosophy, poetry, experimental work, contemplation and general weirdness you will enjoy this book! This is grok! Praise Bob!

Cover by Jake Reuth.

A chapbook of twenty poems.

Cover by Glenn Krupka.

A collection of poetry about everything in particular.

Cover by Brad "Turbo" Thompson.

Poetry by Nathan Neuharth
Ages fourteen through twenty-one,
circa 1988-1995.

Cover by Nathan Neuharth.


Volume 1 of the Star Crossed Chronicles

Hitler is alive... and has a son... not to forget the pantheon of superheroes and villains... ancient extraterrestrials and those that have shaped our history these past decades. Does this gathering of forces signify the approaching apocalypse... the final Armageddon... the ultimate end?

Has Nathan Neuharth somehow discovered the library of Alexandria or tapped into the restless souls of Nikola Tesla or Edgar Cayce or even Robert E. Howard? There's a lot to digest in the Star Crossed Chronicles: Adagio Fine but it's clear Neuharth is in control of his vision.

Not confined to the four color corners of comics, Nathan has gleaned knowledge from a wealth of material, secret or forgotten through time. Atlantis existed as well as the gods. Myths truly were based on reality. Ancient civilizations were created by Atlanteans or Minoans or by their true names, lost in the veil of time. Early man bore witness to wonders that would confound us today... the same magic that has found it's way to us through the pen of Nathan Neuharth.

- Rocky Hartberg
creator of Cole Black comic series

Volume 2 of the Star Crossed Chronicles

I felt it necessary to get to know the Star Crossed Chronicles world and characters a little more intimately before moving on to the post-apocalyptic world after Adagio Fine. I've grown to love these characters and their stories and there is so much more yet to tell. This is a closer look at the lives of some of the characters and events before the world was forever changed by Kronos II. Think of each short story as a single comic book issue. Adagio Fine takes place from the early 1940's through the early 1980's. A lot of ground and history to cover. Any and all of these stories could easily be inserted chronologically into Adagio Fine. The Quantum Mystics are watching, analyzing the data, plotting a course. So without further ado, In the Name of...

Cover by P. Emerson Williams.


A collection a dark supernatural tales.

This includes the books: In Noctus Sol, Woke By Thunder, Night Horses, and Cthulhu Domine.

This is a supernatural horror story that deals with a financially struggling family moving in with their maternal grandmother for a summer. The house turns out to be haunted but no one except the mentally handicapped uncle and the two young brothers believe this. The grandmother seems to believe it but does not care. The ghosts are always present and watching. Several supernatural/strange events occur until finally one night the parents and some of their AA friends decide to hold a seance for fun. The seance is a disaster.

Cover by P. Emerson Williams.

Weird Cthulhu Tales continue including the following stories: Darker Than You Think Dampir Beautifully Damaged Suicide of Shiloh Darling Harbinger of the Coming Race Eyes Afire

Cover by P. Emerson Williams.

A collection of supernatural horror stories. Mares of the night run wild through the land of Morpheus in the realm of forbidden apples. Stories included in this eldritch tome: Etherion, Grave Flowers, Satan, Blackwood, Grimsinger, Phantasies, and Secret People. This is the first in the anthology series.

This is the book that started Night Horse Publishing House.

Cover by P. Emerson Williams.

Cthulhu Domine includes the following:

Cthulhu Domine
The Order of Dog Blood
The Lizard Prince
The Philosophy of Murder
Bon Rising

Cthulhu Domine is a part of a series of books collecting weird tales inspired by the early pulp fiction magazine of that title. These tales most often take place in the genres of supernatural, horror, spiritual cosmology, science fiction and far out oddities. Underneath it all lies a great and enigmatic myriad millennium old unknown war balancing the scales of good and evil.

Cover by P. Emerson Williams.


The classic story of King Arthur set in a 20th Century mobile home park. Follow the story of Arthur as he inherits a white trash legacy and becomes king of the trailer court. The archetypal characters of the Arthurian mythos are all present in this novel including such themes as the incestuous relationship of Tristan and Isolde, the schizophrenic drug dealer Merlin, the lustful betrayal committed by Lanceleot, and much more.

This is Nathan Neuharth's first novel.

Cover by P. Emerson Williams.

An Aeth Talos Adventure

Aeth Talos began in the Forgotten Realms more than a millennium ago. Today your party finds themselves on the wandering islands and must decide; do they make a home here or find their way home?

This adventure is best played with a group of 4-6 characters of level 6-9.

The Angel David The story of love and a fallen angel. An old man filled with sorrow. A punk rock Earth angel. Strange happenings. Other Strange Tales Adventures in the Abyss, The Lord of Feces, Satan, and Victoria Rose. 

Cover by P. Emerson Williams.

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