The Night Writers

Nathan Neuharth owner, author, artist and philosopher.  His works fall into the genres of horror, fantasy, memoirs and poetry.  He has been referred to as a prolific author, having released more than thirty titles.  He is the director of a nonprofit organization called the Writer’s Study, whose mission is to provide a safe space and community for writers by managing a support system and network for the advocacy of literary education and creative expression.  He also enjoys promoting and hosting events at Full Circle Book Co-op.

D. Mackenzie Foster author, performer, and editor for Night Horse Publishing House. Their poetry has been described as "Chaucer meets Looney Tunes", in particular the poetic epics that they work to bring to the stage. They have also begun publishing and circulating "The Poet's Cookbook" in their local hometown. As an artist, their primary drive is to help "Foster" community growth. 

Sion Lidster has been called an ironically prolific slacker poet.  He was born in Wales and is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

R. R. Love is a Confessional Poet drawing from the world around them. 

Aurelio Rico Lopez III is a scribble junkie whose addictions include books, horror movies, rock and roll, and coffee. He is the author of Food for the Crows (Crowded Quarantine Publications), Cry Wolf (Crowded Quarantine Publications), No Grave Too Deep (Short Scary Tales Publications), and Madness Inherent (James Ward Kirk Publishing). He hails from Iloilo City, Philippines.

Jack Lovecraft is an author of the occult.  A self proclaimed chaote, thelemite and psychonaut.  He is an initiate of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the A.’.A.’.  Lovecraft is an anarchist and a spiritual independent.

Nicole Collision is a troubadour poet.  A mysterious woman with the intense gaze of a Russian mystic.

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